Posted by: Namar | September 11, 2011

Celebrate Freedom on Opening Day

It’s a beautiful day on Elysium Island. The sun glows and the air is breezy warm and there is a game of baseball about to be played. It’s our first at the Island, and so there is some pageantry, bands, singing, speeches, dance. But no stadium, no box seats, no walls. They are the invention of commercialization. Baseball was born in an open field. No walls. No stands. No admission. Just the freedom to play, and to watch those who play.

The only restrictions of any kind are the lines of whitewash marking the baselines. These lines extend from home to–well, infinity. They mark the boundaries for the players, with an indefinite suggestion, one easily crossed over–and back–as a player leaves home, and finds his way back there again ultimately…or not

The First Responders have the honor today they will be the visitors, as always. They are playing the Roman Aediles. The Aediles are an aspiring bunch, committed to public service, always to hold public festivals and games, an excellent way to increase his name recognition and popularity. The First Responders are always ready to play.

Cicero once said, “If you aspire to the highest place, it is no disgrace to stop at even the second, or the third, place.”  He’ll coach third base for both teams.

Play Ball.

Freedom to go home on Elysium Island.

Cicero sends home all hopeful runners Vi Et Armis (by force of arms).


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