Posted by: Namar | September 15, 2011

Let Freedom Ring: Joe D. and Marilyn

Joe D. and Marilyn are here. United in love and undistracted by the demands put upon them by their fans throughout their lives.

They married in 1954. She was 27, he was 39. During their honeymoon in Tokyo an American general had introduced himself and asked if, as a patriotic gesture, she would visit the troops in Korea. She looked at Joe for an answer. He said “go ahead if you want to.”

She appeared on 10 occasions before 100,000 servicemen, and when she returned, she said, “it was so wonderful, Joe. You never heard such cheering.”

“Yes, I have,” he said.

– Gay Talese

Marilyn Monroe performs for freedom

Freedom Lovers: Though she caught pneumonia on the tour, Marilyn told a friend the Korea tour was a highlight of her career.

See more of Marilyn in Korea.


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