Posted by: Namar | September 15, 2011

Medals Roll Call: The U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor

This nation's highest award

President Obama awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to former Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is a five-pointed bronze star bearing in relief the head of Minerva, goddess of wisdom, encircled by the words “United States of America” and by a laurel wreath of green enamel. The medal is suspended from a bar on which is inscribed the word “Valor” and surmounted by an eagle, which is attached to a light-blue ribbon bearing thirteen white stars. The ribbon, in turn, is suspended from a neckband of light-blue watered-silk ribbon twenty inches long.

All other American medals are worn pinned to the left breast, but the Medal of Honor is worn on a ribbon around the neck.



  1. I was just thrilled to see Dakota Meyer receive the CMOH! However, the statistics given during the ceremony were bleak for me. One of thirty eight awarded to a living person! And it’s been sometime since the last live person received theirs.

    Yet, and I stand steadfast: As for me I would rather see a DOD official, or another CMOH winner, in fact, any one but Obama presenting. Nice, clean, easy to read blog here…

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