Posted by: Namar | September 29, 2012

What are you worth? Get paid small to get rich.

Namar Elysian Baseball money

“… and I suppose there are useful people doing useful things:
Barbers, plumbers, postal workers, truck drivers hauling things, bus
Drivers, doctors, carpenters, plumbers, guys talking on radios, waitresses,
And yes it’s good to have these people doing these things, yet
I will still want something that will make me think and laugh
When so much has failed me now and later
And again and again.”

Many professions contribute much to our daily world and to our society at large; others, it can be a little more difficult to connect the dots.

Some of the top paying jobs in America today include:


Average Salary: $112,160
Current Employment: 272,320

Airline Pilots, Copilots and Flight Engineers

Average annual salary: $118,070
Current employment: 68,350

Financial Manager

Average annual salary: $120,450
Current employment: 477,690

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

Average annual salary: $124,160
Current employment: 1,230

Petroleum Engineer

Average annual salary: $138,980
Current employment: 30,880

Orthodontists and Dentists

Average annual salary: $161,750-$204,670
Current employment: 101,400

But as productive and high paying as these jobs may be, they will not get you into the “1%” of earners, so popular in the news these days.

Where the 1 Percent Fit in the Hierarchy of Income

The hierarchy of income that underlies the conversation about the wealthiest in our society begins with incomes of $386,000/year of more.
In Major League Baseball, the minimum salary for a rookie, a fresh-faced newbie trying to make the big club–his salary for the year is a minimum $480,000. Now in all of baseball, there are only about 700-750 players at any one time on a major league roster. So only 750 or so are capable of performing at this level; in the jobs mentioned above there are thousands, or hundreds of thousands of those jobs.

But if you are one of the best 125 players, meaning you are among the top 3-4 players on one of the 30 MLB teams, you are likely to be earning much, much more. In fact, the average salary of the top 125 salaries in baseball in 2012 is approximately $12.5 million. That 12.5 million per player, per year, for those elite 125 players.

Year Minimum Salary Average Salary
1970 $12,000 $29,303
1975 $16,000 $44,676
1980 $30,000 $143,756
1985 $60,000 $371,571
1990 $100,000 $578,930
1995 $109,000 $1,071,029
2000 $200,000 $1,998,034
2002 $300,000
2005 $316,000 $2,632,655
2006 $327,000
2007 $380,000 $2,699,292
2008 $390,000
2009 $400,000 $2,996,106
2011 $414,000
2012 $480,000

Even though ballplayers are paid far less and valued far less on a per customer basis then say, teachers, they are able to collect millions of tiny payments from people who find their work valuable enough to entertain them for a few hours.  The scalable nature of their work means that lots of dollars from millions of people end up to be more absolute dollars than a lot of dollars from a few people, which is the model followed by teachers (taxes for teachers–a job that isn’t scalable,…yet).


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